(10) WYD Rio: Keep on Going

Last July 13, our CFC-FFL missionaries left for Brazil to attend World Youth Day. For each of them, it was an experience of a lifetime!

Read their inspiring testimonies in this series.  As they have been immensely blessed by their pilgrimage in Rio, may you be blessed by these sharings.

Keep on Going

A World Youth Day Testimony by RJ Moriones, CFC YFL Fulltime Pastoral Worker

World Youth Day 2013 in Rio de Janeiro was indeed a life changing event. No words can describe how I am grateful to God that I was able to go to Rio de Janeiro for my second World Youth Day. God was such a faithful God that when He planted the desire in my heart to go to Rio for WYD. He did not stop in giving me reasons why I have to go. It’s enough reason to know that God loves me so much that He wanted me to experience His unfailing love in a different level. God used this event to relay wonderful messages of His love.

I had a very memorable confession during the WYD. The Sacrament of Confession is a very vital activity in every WYD celebration. It was the 2nd day of the catechesis. I was manning the confession area when I saw that there was no pilgrim lining up to hear confession. I grabbed the opportunity and that moment God talked to me clearly. God told me to “keep on going”. When I heard God’s message I was reminded of all the crucial events that happened in my life this year. February of this year, my Father died suddenly. We were shocked by what had happened. I was completely stunned by the loss of my Father. Human as I am I asked God the word ‘WHY?”. He did not answer my question directly but He gave me assurance that everything will be good. I responded with much faith that God is up for something good.

May of this year, another situation happened in my family. We were in the process of regaining our strength as a family after the sudden loss of my Father when my younger brother was diagnosed to have diabetes. It did not end there; he was confined in the hospital for a week due to loss of potassium in his body, a complication of his sickness. I was in complete confusion. I was reminded by God that everything will be ok; that I need to put my faith in His plans. He again assured me that everything will be good. I listened to Him even if it was hard.

The phrase “keep on going” was the exact message I needed to hear from God during the WYD. I believe that this is the message that will encourage me to continue on with my life. Hardships may come but He assured me, then, that in every trying situation, He will always be present to accompany me and my family. I have to continue reaching for heaven. I have to continue experiencing God’s love. I have to continue loving God with all my heart and mind.

I will forever be grateful to the Lord for the opportunity of going to the World Youth Day. I will forever treasure all the learnings and realizations I had in all my experiences. I thank the Lord for sending people to help me go to this event. Thank you Lord, for making me part of CFC FFL. Because of this community, I experienced YOU in a deeper way.