1000 Crosses for Life

Sis Logy Ewig from Bonn Germany reports:
The Prayer Procession for Prolife in Fulda last August 13, 2011, had as its theme: “1000 Crosses for Life,” signifying that there are 1000 unborn babies per working day who are killed by abortion in Germany, and this was our cause for the procession.
It began at the Bahnhof platz at Fulda, with welcoming ceremonies and an explanation of the picture of our Lady of Guadalupe regarding its cause and its painter. Then followed the distribution of the 1,000 crosses for everyone to carry in the procession along the streets within the city of Fulda. It was very solemn, with songs specially selected for this purpose. We sang “Come Holy Spirit” as we started to walk…and we prayed the “Blut -Christi -Weg”(Blood of Christ Way) with Seven Stations.  It was also touching as we walked along in two lines, orderly and disciplined. It was really a simple and committed procession which took about two and a half hours.  There were approximately 500 people who attended, including 5 members, uniformed in Red T-shirts or blouses indicating blood, from CFCFFL Bonn. The organizing committee was happy to see and meet us during this event. The coordinator for the group Euro-Prolife was there, along with the Protect the Unborn Children Group.
It was touching to see so many committed and concerned Christians–young and old and families–marching together, being a  voice for these innocent babies who cry for help to let them live, yet whose parents see the issue as simply a matter choice–would this baby be a financial burden, or require too much commitment, or be too big a disturbance to their way of life…?

The cathedral in Fulda is the burial place of Saint Boniface who initiated the work for the poor, less-fortunate, and less-educated people in Germany; St. Michael’s Church is also there, which is Germany’s oldest church.  May these two saints join us in interceding for the unborn children and for CFC-FFL as we answer the call to be pro-lifers in Europe and the whole world!