* This expanded outline is a guide.  You do not need to use all ideas, examples or Scriptures.  Choose what will be most helpful for your household/group.  What is important is that you have material you can work with.




I.      Introduction


In the last two sessions, we’ve talked about the choices that kill the self, and the choices that kill the family.  There really are forces at work that are trying to snuff the life out of God’s people, Christ’s followers, and even members of CFC-FFL.


This session is about the Choices that Kill the Community.


II.     The Identity of Our Community


Before talking about the Choices that kill community, let’s review what we stand for as a community.


  1. Who Are We?
  • CFC-FFL is an evangelistic and missionary community committed to become families empowered by the Holy Spirit to renew the face of the earth.  (the CFC-FFL vision)

– We are evangelistic and missionary, meaning as a community, our work is to tell others about Christ and spread the Good News by what we say, and more importantly, how we live.  We should be inviting more people to join the community so that they too may be blessed.  If we have been so blessed by CFC-FFL, don’t we want other people we know and love to be blessed, too?

– Our commitment is for our families to be empowered by God’s Spirit so that we can change the world from a deadly world to a life-giving one.

  • We strive for holiness of life, as we commit to renew the temporal order through our work with the poor, our work for justice and our work for life.   We are servants of the Church, working to renew her children through every generation and throughout the world, until the Lord returns once again.  (the CFC-FFL mission)

– Our mission is holiness (wholeness in God, not incomplete, partial, fragmented but complete in Christ).

-It’s working with the poor and being able to be their friends and learn from them. We should be the defenders of the poor.

– It’s working for justice, and standing up against corruption, abuse of others, and all forms of attacks against the dignity of persons.  We should be the defenders of persons.

– It’s working or life, and standing up against all forms of attack against human life.  We should be the defenders or life from womb to tomb.

– It’s serving the Church.  It’s seeing how we can help out at our parish, our diocese, through sharing time, talent and treasure.


  • We are C (entered on Christ), F (aithful to the covenant), C (arrying the cross), working to celebrate F (aith), F (amily) L (ife).  (“Who We Are, What We Do” by Frank Padilla, 8 November 2010)

– We ought to check if our hearts are on fire for Christ.

– Are we faithful to our promises to Christ, faithful to our covenant with Him?

– Do we carry our crosses and carry them with joy?

– Are we faith-filled people who celebrate our belief in Christ?

– Do we defend the family?

– Do we defend life?


III.   Choices That KILL Community


  1. Identifying the Choices that Kill Community
  • Being part of CFC-FFL has been a blessing for us.

– We know for a fact that it is better that we are part of the community rather than we are not.  But there are those choices that we as a community do, that just kill the Christ in us and the holiness of our community.  What would be some examples?

  • Community squabbles, jealousy, rivalry, competitions (on who’s better), gossip all destroy the community spirit, the love and the holiness that comes from the presence of the Holy Spirit.

– Consider what Paul says in Galatians are the works of the flesh:  hatreds, rivalry, jealousy, outbursts of fury, acts of selfishness,  factions, occasions of envy, enmity (mutual hatred, ill will, hostility, animosity, antagonism, deep-seated hatred; enmity is derived from the Middle English word enemite, similar to enemy), strife (heated, bitter, antagonistic, violent conflicts/quarrels), and dissension (strong disagreements, discord). (See Gal. 5. 19-21).

– Envy and anger are roots of death.  Cain kills Abel.  (Gen. 4)

  • the choice to give in to laziness/sluggishness

– This will tempt you not to attend household and community gatherings. It’s a laziness not to get involved and be active.  Do you ever wonder how tired, sleepy or lazy you get right before the household.  CFC-FFL members were not called to be slugs!  (These are spineless, shell-less snails.  They are slow, never hurting anyone but never doing any real good either.)

–  This includes being too lazy to serve, too lazy to get out of your comfort zone.

  • Exclusivity

– This is the desire to just stay with your happy household rather than mingle with others.  You do not want to attend activities and assemblies, but just the household.  It’s a sense of elitism or exclusivity, but catholic means being open to all.  Christians are not called to be exclusive!

  • non-investment of your time, talent and treasure in the community

– We’re always called to share of ourselves and share more of ourselves, as we mature spiritually in the Lord.


  1. The Roots of “Community KILL”
  • Selfishness:

– “It’s I, it’s I, it’s I who KILLS community!”  Saying “I, I, I” (It’s all about me!) will kill the sense of community.  Christianity calls us beyond “just me and God.”  It was never meant to be a private affair!  God calls us as a community, We worship God as a community, and not just as individuals.  Don’t just think of yourself.


  • Low Sense of Self-Esteem/Insecurity

– When you have to put down people in order to feel good about yourself, so that you feel “better” than them.  When you have to gossip about other members to make them look bad, because you think you’ll look good.  This reflects major insecurity on your part!


  • A Worldly Attitude

– It’s when you treat others in community according to how the world works.  It’s when you don’t trust anyone or that brotherly or sisterly love.

– It could also be when you USE the community members to push your sales products and see members of the community as your potential clients for insurance, multi-level marketing, etc.


IV.   LIFE-Giving Choices To Breath Life and Love into Community


What can we do to breathe life and love into the community?


  • MORE Humility

– What is humility?  Humility means seeing yourself the way God sees you. You see yourself and others as God sees everyone.  When you do, you won’t think too much or too little of yourself.  You will learn to love yourself, but realize others are just as special and important to God as you are.

– God always sees the best in His children.  Look at others and yourself with eyes of faith.

  • MORE Love

– See Christ in every brother and sister.  “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.” (1 Cor. 13, 7)

  • MORE Patience

– Realize that the community is made up of unique persons with different personalities.  Learn to get along.  Learn to be patient with others.  See things from their perspective.  Remember that we belong to the same team, the same Christian family.  Remember that God calls us to that spirit of unity!

  • MORE Forgiveness

– Forgive and you shall be forgiven.  You also make mistakes, can be insensitive and hurt people.  But God forgives you when you ask for forgiveness.  So, you should forgive, too.  Forgiveness, according to Archbishop Chito Tagle, is “when the love you have for someone is greater than the hurt he/she has caused you.”  If you hold on to the love, you can let go of the pain.

  • MORE Generosity

– Give, share, and have an attitude of how you can help and serve others.

  • MORE Kneel Power/Prayer Time

– To become Christ-like and holy, spend more time with God and you will become more like Him.


V.    Conclusion


Being in a community of love like CFC-FFL makes us experience a tiny speck of the love of the Trinity:  Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  It gives us a little glimpse of what heaven is like.  But sometimes our selfish, death choices get the better of us, and we do things that KILL the community.  May the grace of God move within and among us, so that CFC-FFL may truly be a blessing to the society.  May others declare:  “See what love they have for one another.” (paraphrase of Tertulian’s quote)




“Who We Are, What We Do” by Frank Padilla, 8 November 2010


Discussion Starter:

What area about community life do you need to work on?

How can you make CFC-FFL a better, more loving community for God?