13/20 Choices That Proclaim the Gospel of Life In Your Life

Q3:  LIFE Choices (Choices That Promote Life)


SESSION 2 Choices That Proclaim the Gospel of Life In Your Life


  1. Manifestation of the God of Life working in my life would be:
  • The Creative Self.
    • Because I am a child of God, created in His image and likeness, I am creative.
    • Although I do not create out of nothing, I create nonetheless.
    • Every act of creativity, every creation either of my mind, or a creative thought or any object I create is really a reflection of the God who creates in me.
    • It is my deep desire to make things, create things, create ideas and just be creative.  I fulfill myself when I create.
    • My creative thoughts, ideas and objects are my way of “giving birth” to the creative self that I am.
    • My creative thoughts, ideas and objects are meant to be life-giving to others – to bring joy, peace, love and hope to others and to the world.
    • Whatever talent I may have, I desire to use it to create something new and good to offer the world.


  • The Perfecting Self.
    • Because God is a God of perfection and Christ perfected our humanity, I desire to strive to be perfectly human.  This means I strive each day to become a better me.
    • This perfection is not static (I never arrive at it in this lifetime) but a growing perfection of my constantly pushing the envelope to higher goals and a better, new, improved me.
    • I constantly search for meaning, for truth, for the MORENESS in life.  I am magis – wanting to do more and be more.  It is a never-ending quest of this lifetime.  I do not tire of it.
    • Even my quest for knowledge in whatever field I am in, is a reflection of the desire for perfection that God wired me for.
    • Whatever talent I may have, I desire to perfect it (skills, form, etc.) and share it to bring joy, peace, love and hope to others and to the world, and to be life-giving.
    • My true perfection is achieved when I am one with God and doing His will.


  • The Life-Giving Self.
    • I am wired to give life to others.  I do this with my talents, my love, my service and my life.  Yet, I am aware that whatever it is I can and do give, is only because God is working in me.  He is the Life Force behind me and inside me.  He is the wind beneath my wings. “For in Him we live and move and have our being.”  (Acts 17,28)
    • I am meant to build up others with my words, thoughts and deeds.
    • I am meant to inspire others to want to be better people, holier people.
    • I am meant to move others to be more life-giving themselves and to
      “pay it forward”/pass it on so that others may have life, too.
    • I choose to bring life to others.
    • I choose to defend and promote life, show reverence and love for it.  (EV#42)


  1. I am Free to Love
  • Freedom means I can choose to love others.  When I do choose this, I become most myself because I was created by Love (the Trinity) and created for love.
  • I not only have the ability to love God, others and myself, but I choose to love all.  When I continue to choose love, I become love – a loving person!
  • It is the act of love that is the most life-giving and reflects my being most like God who is Love.
  • I am meant to love not only those who are loving and those I like, but everyone, even the unlovable.  (“We don’t have to like everyone. We just have to love them.”  Martin Luther King, Jr.)  When I exercise this kind of unconditional love (agape), I am life-giving like Christ who gave His whole self out of love for others.
  • I choose to love.  Every good act is a loving act.


  1. The Paradox of Life:  When I Choose Death, I Choose Life
  • “Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.”  (Mt. 10,39)
  • A paradox is “two seemingly opposing realities that do not really oppose each other.”  They seem contradictory but with a closer look, they aren’t contradictory after all.
  • The paradox of life is when I choose death to myself, I actually choose life.  The kind of death that is meant here is the death to self (not physically dying but mortification).
  • The dying to self is not death for death’s sake, but sacrifice for something greater.
  • Ways of Choosing Life and being life-giving include acts like:
    • Fasting
    • Deep prayer and intercession
    • Abstinence (of food, pleasure, game, etc.)
    • Offering up suffering for the poor souls in Purgatory
    • Denying what I want for the sake of someone who wants it
    • Denying what I want so I can share it with others, especially the poor
    • Suffering is not necessarily a bad thing if it is meant for some higher goal or purpose.   Christians are not masochists or sadists but are willing to forego something good for something greater.
    • It is when we die to ourselves, our wants, our desires, our self, that we come to a realization that these no longer have a power over us.  Thus, we have “mastered them” so that they may no longer master us.  We become free of them.


Discussion Starter:

What manifestation of the God of Life (creating, perfecting, life-giving self, is most evident in your life now?

How have you “died” to yourself and how has this helped you to live your life more fully?