2012 Seven-Church Pilgrimage CFC FFL North Jersey (Archdiocese of Newark)

(by Jun Banaria, CFC FFL New Jersey)

Our HFL sisters in New Jersey have been conducting a seven-church pilgrimage usually in the month of February to observe the apparition of Our Lady of Lourdes.  It covers an entire Saturday that begins with a morning mass in the first church; followed by the recitation of the 4 rosary mysteries in the next 4 churches; the Divine Mercy chaplet, Miraculous Medal novena & Stations of the Cross in the fifth church; and, finally culminates with an anticipated Sunday mass in the seventh church.  All these arrangements are coordinated by HFL with a host CFC FFL diocese area.

For 2012, our host is the CFC FFL cluster led by Len and Marie Camacho, assisted by head servants Larry & Lanie Millares and Mitz & Ribbons Carretas.  Fortunately, the pilgrimage was conducted exactly on February 11, the apparition day of Our Lady of Lourdes.  It is worthwhile to note that that each of the 7 core values of CFC FFL is lifted up and explained in each church.

Last Saturday’s turnout was the biggest ever at over 300 CFC FFL members including their relatives and friends.   The cold wintry winds and 3 inches of snow failed to prevent the participants from staying home.  When we got to each church, the pastors welcomed us with their warm remarks and briefly presented the historical background of their respective church.  Some of them even excitedly announced an upcoming CLS schedule in their parish.

This annual tradition in New Jersey has become an evangelization tool, eliciting  awareness on the part of the non-CFC FFL pilgrims as to what CFC FFL is all about.  Likewise, the host pastors deepened their understanding of our community upon hearing our core values and observing our deep Catholic traditions.

CFC FFL New Jersey and particularly the HFL sisters are more than willing to share this valued pilgrimage tradition to any interested CFC FFL area.  You may contact Helen Banaria at angelicfb@gmail.com.

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  1. Thanks for this article. Very inspiring specially when the community ifs lifting up the 7 core values of CFC-FFL in each Church. We will try to organize our own Visita Iglesia here in Dublin, Ireland….God Bless.

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