(by Marissa González, CFC-HFL/FTW)

Praise God, our Almighty Father, Creator of Life and Protector of the Unborn and the Oppressed!

Satan and all his forces could not stop yesterday’s  MARCH  FOR  LIFE in Olympia Washington!  An impressive number of people, some, from as far as Bellingham and Spokane, trekked into the Marcus Pavilion at St. Martin’s for the ProLife Mass celebrated  by Archbishop Peter Sartain and about 20 other priests from the diocese.  The song  “Who will speak? . . .  for the unborn. . . for the shunned and the oppressed. . . if you don’t?”, sung by the St. Michael’s choir, still keeps playing in my mind, and hopefully in the hearts of all those brave souls who attended the mass and the march.  A foot of snow and biting cold did not stop them from coming.  Neither did announcements on television saying that the March had been cancelled!  Nothing could stop this very determined, inspired and emotional army of Pro Lifers!  CFC-FFL and the Handmaids stood in front of the crowd with banners, prompting some of the speakers to point out that, indeed, fighting for Family and Life is what we are all trying to do!

As we marched towards the steps of the Capitol, the big snowflakes did not dampen the excitement of the crowd.  The emcee announced that “sunshine had been ordered”, and God did deliver the sunshine, though briefly!  You could hear the cheers as the sun peered through the clouds.  One by one Legislators proclaimed their commitment to fight for life!  People were urged to speak to their legislators about bills on Life beginning at conception, and Marriage being between man and woman.  The crowd was also encouraged to support Crisis Pregnancy Centers and to support a bill asking that each center be equipped with an Ultra Sound to aid a mother deciding to have an abortion.

The rain, sleet and snow were no match for the faithful who stayed until the end.  Some 200+ trekked back to Sacred Heart in Lacey for a much appreciated soup and sandwich lunch prepared by the Knights of Columbus.

Another day to love and serve the Lord!  Thank you!

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  1. I honor you, Sis. Marissa and those with you in this March for Life in Washington. Truly, you are brave soldiers of Christ enduring the rain & snow, still high-spirited in spite of all odds as you marched along the road for life. This is very inspiring for us in the community as we start the year in following & embracing God's order of defending family and choosing life. See you at WHC 2012 in Manila! God bless us all!

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