2013 Household Topic 3: God’s Invitation For Catholics/Christians in the Context of New Evangelization

Topic 3: God’s Invitation For Catholics/Christians in the Context of New Evangelization

Perspective Setting

Last discussion, we were made to understand of the loud cry for help people are conveying.  They are tired of listening and watching people pointing to a path they themselves never travelled.  They cry loudly – “Don’t tell me – show me!”

Our culture is hungry for authentic lives. There is a great shortage of courageous men and women who walk their talk.  The challenge and call of the time is to let our life speak.  Now is time to celebrate our faith by living it in such a way that will capture the intrigue and envy of people of this time.

There are many great challenges that face our church today:  Parishes are emptying (don’t be deceived with the over flowing church attendance on Sundays because when make up only a small percentage of the total population of the faithful), the youth are not seen in Church as we fail to connect to them, separation by employment migration and divorce (permanent separation) are destroying families,  faith communities are dividing due to conflicts, vocations to the priesthood and religious life are scarce and Churches particularly the Catholic Church are facing growing marginalization with the wave of secularism sweeping society.  In every age in the history of the Catholic Church and today is no exception, only one and unchanging solution appears as the answer to every problem – Personal holiness.   History is rich with stories that if we allow the values and principles of the Gospel to guide us, things will turn out for the best.  If our world is the way it is right now it is because many have turned against the Gospel.   The Gospel will make people live for the better in situations and because of this, the future will be brighter.

Our Response

  1. One of fundamental questions that confront us: Do we actually believe that living the Gospel is life-giving, that it will lead us to a better life, and that is the best way of live?
  2. Do you believe that the only one and unchanging solution to address very problem society and the Church is facing right now is “personal holiness?”  Could you explain further how is this?
  3. What is God inviting you to commit and do in the context of the New Evangelization?

Points of conclusion after the discussion:

  1. New Evangelization is about letting our life speak.  It is about living our faith to such an extent that it will intrigue and be the cause envy of other people.
  2. New Evangelization is about personal holiness.

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