2013 Household Topics in the YEAR OF FAITH and the Era of the New Evangelization

HOUSEHOLD TOPICS IN THE YEAR OF FAITH and the Era of the New Evangelization


We are at the dawn of the “Era of the New Evangelization” .  For the Philippine Church this is the 1st of the nine years of spiritual preparation towards the 500th year of Christianity.  For the universal Church this is also the 1st of the four years  before the next Synod of the Bishops which calls for the New Evangelization for the Transmission of Faith.  For CFC-FFL,  this is a great moment with great opportunities for what we believe firmly God has set us apart and formed for more than 30 years.

The New Evangelization presents a challenge:  “New wine in new wine skins”.   The New Evangelization calls for an ever deepening appreciation of the new stirring of the Spirit.  It is in this disposition that CFC-FFL is specially called to have.  We therefore may need to leave old ways of doing things if only to give new expressions and ways of evangelizing a chance to work within the context of the New Evangelization.

The way we do things and behave flow from the way we think and believe.  This year’s household topics in this Year of Faith and the dawn of the Era of the New Evangelization is oriented to challenge our understanding of our mission and ways of doing evangelization in the context of the stirrings and call of the New Evangelization.

General Objectives:    To capture the spirit of the New Evangelization as a way to move us to respond into the new stirrings of the Spirit for the renewal of families and the Church.

Specific Objectives:     At the end of the 12 household discussions and sharing, the participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the essential hunger of people as a starting point to defining programs and actions as a response within the context of the New Evangelization;
  2. Ground people into the subtle ways of the world in spiritual warfare as a way to be challenged and commit that New Evangelization starts with ourselves;
  3. Capture and define God’s invitation for the New Evangelization  and start to live out ways of being  witnesses of the New Evangelization;
  4. Be empowered by the Spirit with a fresh desire to live the charismatic spirituality necessary for the task of the New Evangelization


It will use the regular household meeting format of worship, topic introduction, discussion, and fellowship. However, it is necessary for the Household Servants to make a follow-up of the previous topic to check on the progression of the household members.

Household topic Framework

1st Quarter:

What is the world telling us with the growing irrelevance and outright rejection of Jesus while on the other hand,  they accept and believe other teachings and way of life that do not help address their needs?



Topic 1:   Why has Christianity been rejected?


Topic 2:   What is the cry of people for help about?


Topic 3:   What is God’s invitation for us Christians as the essence for the call for the New Evangelization?

2nd Quarter

“Don’t tell me – Show me!” is the cry of help of people – A call for men and women to live authentic lives.



Topic 4:  My personal rule of life:  “What is in it for me vs. serving others at all costs. “ (Subtle influences of individualism)


Topic 5:  My personal rule of life with comfort and pleasure vs. self-sacrifice. (Subtle influences of hedonism)


Topic 6:  My personal rule of life with exerting the least effort to gain the maximum reward vs. pouring ourselves even without rewards.  (Subtle influences of minimalism)


3rd Quarter:

Celebrating Christianity as possessing the way, the truth and the life in the quest of happiness.

Topic 7:  God and happiness:  People’s quest for happiness is a quest for God – Happiness is union with God.


Topic 8:  The Philosophy of Jesus as the ultimate philosophy for happiness:  self-donation and service.


Topic 9:  Catholicism as the dynamic way of life that encourages and empowers each individual to become the best-version-of-himself or herself

4th Quarter: 

Empowered to live and lead other Catholics  along the right path with the example of our lives as the way to the New Evangelization

Topic 10:  What sets you apart? Our mission and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit


Topic 11:  Being spiritual people: Living the charismatic spirituality


Topic 12:  Integration for the whole year:  Who are you as a New Evangelizer


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