(21) Towards the Year of Faith: Arvin Serra

[As we move toward the launch of the Year of Faith, we asked our Young Fulltimers to share their faith journey. Read their stories in their own words]

God’s message to me has been constant ever since. Everyday He affirms me that He indeed is my Great Promise Keeper. That wherever I may be and whatever I may be doing in the future, He would definitely meet me there. Romans 8:28 and Jeremiah 29:11 come into mind.

That He indeed is the God of my future; He has my back; That I only have to endure all the trials and challenges of today. God’s mission for me is for me to continue love other people by giving importance to the relationship that I have with them. Relationships above all; more than giving talks conducting events. By loving people, I am being Christ to them. God changed my life immensely.

From being self-centered, I know he taught to be selfless patient and humble.