2/20 Wired for LIFE

Q1:  LIFE Visions (Choose Life)


[This is session 2 of the Household topics for 2012. Make sure you have implemented session 1 before doing this.]




Session 2 – Wired For LIFE

1. The way God SEES you is very different from what the world says you are.

  • Only the Creator really knows what the creature is for.  So take God’s word for it.  Don’t listen to fashion, other “voices,” the consumerist and secular world, who obscures God’s vision for His people.

2. God created you in His image and likeness.  (Gen. 1,26)

  • He designed you in a certain way.
  • He has a specific plan and purpose for you.
    • Since God created you only for the good; sin and negative feelings (despair, low self-esteem, anxiety, anger, jealousy, envy, etc.) blur the vision of who you are.
    • When you contain all the negativity and stress, your body and mind break down.
  • You are wired for LIFE, to walk in the light and shine – to be life-giving and love-giving.

3. You were SHAPE-d for life.

S – PIRITUAL GIFTS  (Rom 12, 3-8 speaks of diff kinds of service in the Church)

  1. Speak God’s message:  ability to communicate clearly to others
  2. Service:  special knack for helping out when a need arises; sensitive to other people
  3. Teaching:  skills for helping others learn; good motivator
  4. Encouraging others:  see best in others; point out strengths and call forth their best
  5. Generosity:  3 T’s (time, talent and treasure):  share self with others; easy to give, reach out and care whenever there’s a need
  6. Leadership:  gift of organization and getting things done; easy to influence others and direct them
  7. Kindness:  ability for compassion – warm and tender; can enter people’s pain, feel with them, can be a means of healing and soothing presence as we minister to them


Bundle of desires, hopes, interests, ambitions, DREAMS,  affections

What’s your passion?  Enthusiastic about?  Love to do for SHEER enjoyment; don’t need to be challenged, motivated or checked-up on.

If don’t have a heart for what you’re doing, you’ll become discouraged.

God wires you in a certain way.  Passion drives perfection.


Natural talents born with

Multiple intelligences by Howard Gardner: 7 intelligences

1 Linguistic

2 Logical-Mathematical

3 Musical

4 Body-Kinesthetic

5 Spatial-Visual,

6 Interpersonal (interact)

7  Intrapersonal (reflect)


DNA can unite in an infinite # of ways

Scientists computer it to be 102.4Bth power

Uniqueness – a scientific fact of life!

P includes emotions – no right or wrong ones


Family – learned from how you grew up

Education – favorite subjects, school you came from (diff. mission-vision statements)

Vocational – jobs or special skills that you’re good at, orgs you’re drawn to

Spiritual – your most meaningful times with God (parish involvement, orgs)

Ministry – how have you served God in your parish/community in past or even now

Pain – problems, hurts, trials learned from; very ones you regretted or help SHAPE you.

4. You are wired for holiness.

  • Oswald Chambers:  Holiness, not happiness is the chief end of man.
  • St. John of the Cross: At the evening of life, we will be judged on love alone. Holiness is wholeness.  The only way to be whole is to have God in your heart and in your life.
  • When we have God in us, we become holy.  When we let our own selfishness prevail, we become unholy and sin.

Discussion Starter:

What are you wired for? What is God’s personal plan for you?

What message is God telling you right now based on all you’ve heard today on what you are wired for / meant for?

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