(24) Towards the Year of Faith: Lee-an Rosal

[As we move toward the launch of the Year of Faith, we asked our Young Fulltimers to share their faith journey. Read their stories in their own words]

I never had a radical conversion story. I never had that “deep-in-the-dark-coming-to-the-light.” I do not remember the first time I knew about God but I do remember playing around, memorizing the mysteries of the rosary just to get a lollipop in 1993, the year my parents made me join the kids ministry of our community.


Ever since it has been a see-saw of faith. “Yes, Lord,” when I felt happy with my life and “No, Lord,” during the hard times. Then again, God knows the deepest yearnings of the heart and mine was eternal joy. God knew I will never breathe well, live well without Him. God knew that for my thirsting heart, His love will be the ultimate source of joy.


And so last May, I got out of the seesaw and took His hand to tread the missionary life. God said: “Lee-an, while I’m busy writing the story of your life, take this pen from My heart and write My love story on the Cross in many, many versions. I will give you the words, you just have to say “Yes” everyday.”

Here I am, taking this pen, allowing His Spirit to make my hands move. No longer a “No” to His will and commands but “Yes.”