(27) Towards the Year of Faith: Sabrina Gasgonia

[As we move toward the launch of the Year of Faith, we asked our Young Fulltimers to share their faith journey. Read their stories in their own words]

The great writer Butch Dalisay once wrote, “I believe that, at least once in our lives, we should embrace a passion larger than ourselves.” I lived my life inspired by this mantra. Somehow I was confident that I was destined for greatness, but I never really knew what that meant until the Lord broke into my heart and called me to become a missionary. Human as I am, I was drowned with visions of success as how the world would define it. My gut was resolved – all my dreams were just at the end of my fingertips. But somehow, in the middle of all this, God had something better in mind for there was a greater pull leading me to another path. I had my moments of doubt. How could Jesus ask me for something I was just starting to build? Was He in His right senses to plant something this BIG in my heart? As I begged Him for answers and have cried out of exasperation, Jesus whispered to me six simple words, “I AM GOD, YOU ARE NOT.

Similar to how gold is refined as it is put in the fire and melted so that all its impurities can be skimmed of, God did the same thing to my heart: slowly, he removed all the junk inside of me and replaced it with a love I have never known. It was amazing, even spellbinding, and ever since, I knew that I just cannot go back to how I used to be! He has given me a brand new heart, ready to love and willing to be used by Him. In God’s embrace, I found healing and forgiveness in its most real sense. In His love, I found my truest worth. In His calling for me, my life gained purpose and meaning. This love encounter refreshed my soul, and renewed every heartbeat and longing I had. I was simply never the same again after my love encounter with Jesus, and beautifully, it is a love which never fails to take my breath away each and every single day.

It has been three years since the day I gave my YES to God to labour in His vineyard; unknowingly, it was a YES to so many grand adventures, a YES to even greater dreams, and above all, a YES to a life of love and of faith. I thank God everyday for what He did to my life, He saved me and brought me back to life, and so my heart longs that every young person may come to encounter the depth of the love of God that they may discover the beauty of who they are and the beauty of who God made them to be. This is my mission. This is what my heart yearns to live for. In His grace, this is the passion I continue to embrace with such intensity. No matter what the world insists upon my reason, I will stand by my calling, for this fervour has a source no one can ever compete with – God.