28 Days of Summer

by: Kuh Belarmino, CFC SFL Fulltime Pastoral Worker

 “Thirteen Provinces, thirteen Households, and two mission workers in 28 days – a Mission made Possible by ONE GREAT GOD!”


AMAZING! That’s how I describe my SFL Summer Mission Trip in Visayas last May 2011. I have lots of first time experiences during this mission, and I thank God for opening my eyes and giving me an opportunity to see the bigger picture of this evangelization work.

When I saw our mission schedule to Visayas I told my partner, “Are you sure about this? I mean can we really do this?” and he just answered me with a simple “Yes.” Okay, still doubting that time but I held on to the courageous “Yes” that he had given me, I just prayed to God saying “Lord this is beyond my capacity take away every fear that I have inside my heart and use me to become your instrument to the people that we will meet in this journey.” It was actually my first time to go to the Visayas and the very first time that I’ll experience an airplane ride, so I was really excited and nervous at the same time. I used to tell this story during our household prayer meeting in the provinces that we visited (it was my simple joy and a dream come true as a kid): When I was little I remember praying to God about this, “Lord, I want to ride an airplane without paying a single peso. Is it possible?” I know this might sound silly but for a little kid it was the most awesome thing that could ever happen. Actually, I have forgotten about that dream of mine but God resurrected it and turn it into reality – it only came to my senses when I was sitting inside the airplane and I blurted out to my mission partner, Dave, “I’m here!!! God made it happen!!!” You can picture me smiling from ear to ear. We’ll that is just one of the amazing things that happened in this trip, more unforgettable and inspiring occurrences as the days passed by in Visayas.

This is the longest mission trip that I had so far and it really took me out of my comfort zone. The first few days in the area was okay but as the days went by it just kept getting more difficult – but actually experiencing those hardships made me feel that God was more real to me. If it’s just me and my partner, we probably would have given up in the middle of the mission, it was physically tiring jumping from one island to another, travelling long hours everyday to the point that you’re about to be drained. And so the theme for the year “My God is now my Strength” is true and we always held on to it that the Mission is Possible because it is His Mission in the first place, he called us despite our imperfections and limitations because He wants us to truly witness His Greatness and He already claim the Victory over His people even at the start. He needs us to be certain and to declare that indeed He is God! And that a Great hope awaits our race because His Love saves.

I was really inspired by the people I met listening to their stories and sharing a day or two to see their lives and realizing the simple things that I should be thankful for every single day. God reveals Himself to me in ways that I can’t even imagine, I encounter Him in every household we conducted, in every activity we had, in the mountains we climb, in the beautiful waters that we swim in, to the food that generous brethrens shared with us, the countless smiles and hugs that we received and the genuine love that was given to us. I can only imagine how great my God really is.

Beyond words can express.

My simple YES in exchange of my life that is full of the world, gaining a life in Christ means so much more. Going on mission trips made me appreciate the importance of this evangelization work. Living for others brings a new hope and spirit to make them see Jesus everyday and viewing that life is BEAUTIFUL.

God answered my question about this whole mission, IT IS POSSIBLE! And 28 days is not enough to proclaim His goodness to all. Jesus enables us to finish this mission successfully. We learn so much, making us fall more deeply in love with Him. He was with us along the way, and because of that we finish the mission STRONG!

Thank you Lord for calling me and for this wonderful privilege to serve your people. May you always be my strength in doing this work. All for your Greater Glory! Amen.