3 Days of God’s Strength

  As we all came upon the Hyatt Friday morning, much was filling our hearts of the anticipation and excitement and of the fruition of a year’s planning and preparation. Such as our theme states, ” My God is now my strength” we would have never been able to comprehend how much of this year’s conference would impact us individually as well as a community. Individually, we all witnessed God addressing and challenging our unique struggles and fortifying us with His mighty strength.
   There were the glitches we closed our eyes to but there was also the provision of God delivering us from our human weakness. I look upon those glitches as the perfect opportunity for God to really reveal his might. It is there that we learn over and over again our need for total dependence on him. Just as we prayed and fasted for 40 days, we also discovered in these last 3 days that we really can’t escape the need to pray and sacrifice. The campaign served to rally, remind and embolden us to move!
   I praise God for the individual gifts, blessings, time, patience, and love shared this weekend. Just as the first Christian shared everything with each other, we rediscovered this weekend how much stronger we are when we work, serve, and love together as one community. The practices for music ministry for friday mass allowed me to bond, appreciate, and love those who are in handmaids, servants, and couples. It showed me that age and ministry are just labels and that truly relationships are what fuel our service. Relationship of course that are centered on Christ. The productions from the opening number with the YFL/SFL to the Rigadoon with the CFC showcased that we celebrate these relationships because we offered time and talent and sometimes pain! ( for all the arthritic people )
  Then came  the talks, the sharings, and an incredible Prolife summit!!! All of which came through the hands of a very capable pastoral team headed by the Dizons, supported by a very capable Tita Margie and the Pingoys! Of course the Chapter servants in my dad, Tito Rudy, and Tito Rico rallied the flock to register, serve and more importantly spiritually prepare for this conference!!!
Fr. Frank Pavone, Joe Scheidler, Ligaya Acosta, Marjorie Dannenfelser, Frank and Gerry Padilla
   God has indeed become our strength. Just as we painstakingly prepared, we also had to decontruct, set down, pack up, and clean up. Here came the test of a physically tired community but God’s strength was evident in the help offered and given to each other. The Conference is done. We have received the message. I hope we realize how much this community has become the vessel where God channels his grace and strength. We can go back and assess how we can do better next time, however working together in the challenges that lie ahead would be more fruitful. We must tap the very power of a community empowered by God in our households, assemblies, missions and outreaches. We must value our relationships and form new ones as we grow! We must go past the labeling of each ministry and instead value the individual person! Thanks CFC FFL for a wonderful 3 days! The talks inspired me. However, the relationships formed and strengthed by this weekend through our mighty God transformed me!! God bless!!
Brother Lu Coson of CFC SFL Illinois