3/20 The Couple Vision

Q1:  LIFE Visions (Choose Life)


[Make sure you finished both sessions under Topic 1 before moving on to this one.]

SESSION 1 – The Couple Vision

1. Just as we each have a personal vision that God has wired us for, He also has given us a vision as a couple.

  • It is important to KNOW what the general and specific couple visions are.

2. The General Couple Vision:  love and life (OR, bonding and babies!)

  • Every married couple is called to love each other with intimacy and deep bonding.
  • Every married couple is called to LIFE.  Their love must generate life.  They must be OPEN to life – physical life (in the form of babies) and all forms of life including contribution to society, serving people especially the poor, building up people with kind words, etc.
  • The FRUIT of married/conjugal love is life in the form of a baby.

3. The Specific Couple Vision for you:  an invitation to prayer and discernment

  • God wants each couple to serve in a specific way.
  • The couple must discern what that way is.
  • This also includes the number of kids a couple is called to have, and HOW to space their family naturally.


Discussion Starter:

What is God’s vision for a married couple?

What is God’s specific vision for you as a married couple?

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