35th CFC FFL Anniversary Schedule 2016

It is June, and our anniversary week! Grab our official logo and use it on your social media account.


Overall look is tree:

A tree is a symbol of immense and enduring strength.

  • Our community, still standing strong after 35 years and will still continue to be a foundation of strength for families and life.

The logo revolves around the 3 main points of the event:

  1. Called to Forgive
  2. Called to be Generous
  3. Called to Love

Called to forgive: symbolizes the prodigal son and Jesus

We in turn can be the prodigal son, continuously forgiven and granted immeasurable mercy by God, and who, until now still looks at us with His merciful gaze

Called to be generous: symbolizes the leaves of the trees

Generosity is given through giving and receiving mercy. Hence, the many hands.

The hands symbolize each one of us. That we all have that role in giving mercy to our brethren.

Called to love: symbolizes the heart in the middle

The core of being a christian is the call to love.

The central point of why our community is still existing is because of the love and mercy of God. and because we still continue to strive to love and to give mercy despite our differences and imperfections.

35-shows the number of the years we are celebrating.

The colours used are bright colours to showcase the festive people that we are. We are here celebrating God’s infinite and enduring mercy. That we are people full of hope, love and joy.

The main event is on June 26 at Ynares Center in Antipolo City.