(36) Towards the Year of Faith: Vanie Rivera

[As we move toward the launch of the Year of Faith, we asked our Young Fulltimers to share their faith journey. Read their stories in their own words]

“Love!” this has been God’s message for me ever since I started a personal relationship with Him after my youth camp (Dec. 2003).

I came to know what true love is — Love is God and God is Love. I came to understand its meaning because God allowed me to experience His overwhelming love for me. And because He has filled me with so much love, it enabled me to give love to others. To love is my life’s mission. And to love means to be God’s instrument of love to others. To love means to offer my life to Him in service. Yes, to love, for me, is to answer God’s call to become a missionary.

This is my response to His immeasurable love for me. This life He has given me out of love ought to be lived out for Love. For Love is God and God is Love. Love is all that matters. God is all that matters!