(37) Towards the Year of Faith: KD Soler

[As we move toward the launch of the Year of Faith, we asked our Young Fulltimers to share their faith journey. Read their stories in their own words]

In 2007, God called me during a Mass through the gospel about The Poor Widow’s Contribution (Mk 12:41-44) along with the promise “I will show you love you’ve never seen before…”

So what’s a girl got to do with such a sweet deal? Packed my bags and armed by faith, I went to a foreign mission and so my love story began:

Through my Latin American brothers and sisters. A love so real it felt like home away from home. I learned a language more amazing than Spanish, the language of love- being one with my community family.  It got better after 2 years; I was convinced that the handsome man I was dating is my answered prayer, Luis a Costa Rican. God was so right! I needed to be uprooted, because he is now my husband. The journey continues as we just celebrated our 3 years of marriage and was showed another form of love, a human life, for we are now expecting our first child here in my new home, Costa Rica.

6 years I’ve held on to His promise and for 6 years, He kept it. He orchestrated it. Who knows what the future holds but God as my example, I will continue to give extraordinary love even if it hurts, to my family, to my community, to my Church. After all, life is all about love! May God be praised! 🙂