6/20 CFC FFL and Its Community Vision

Q1:  LIFE Visions (Choose Life)



[Please make sure you have discussed Household topic 5 before continuing on to this one.]


SESSION 2  – CFC FFL and Its Community Vision


1. CFC-FFL has an identity, a vision and a mission.


  • Our identity determines who we are.
  • Our vision determines where God wants us to go.
  • Our mission tells us how to get there.


(Do you know WHO we are as CFC-FFL?  Do you know WHERE we are going?  Do you know HOW we are to get there?)


2. Our being together in CFC-FFL is part of God’s plan.


  • It is not by accident nor by coincidence.
  • It is our choice to be here and make a difference.  God can always use you if you are mission-ready and willing to serve.  (God equips the called, not calls the equipped.)
  • There is always more you can do to serve.  (If you’re doing exactly what you’ve been doing in community for the last 5 years, God is challenging you to do more.)


3. CFC-FFL has a community culture uniquely our own.


  • We should be aware of what the vision, mission and core values are.
  • We have a charism: for defending the family and defending life.
  • Our annual theme sets the tone and direction for the year.
  • The more we participate in the images, rituals, stories and language of CFC-FFL, the more we begin to take on its way of seeing, its vision.


4. CFC-FFL supports the vision of the Church.


  • Our community shouldn’t be exclusive, like a clique.
  • It should bring us to greater unity and service of the local Church through parish involvement.
  • We should be open to work with other groups, and not consider other communities competition or “us against them.”




Discussion Starter:


Share how you came to be a member of CFC-FFL and how long have you been with the community.  How have you grown in the community in terms of knowledge, faith, service and responsibilities?  What can you still offer?  (What return can you make to the Lord for His goodness unto you? Ps 115) Is your HH/unit/chapter in-line with the vision, mission, identity of CFC-FFL?



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