8th West Coast Walk For Life

(by Robert Pedrigal, CFC FFL California)

The forecast on January 21, 2012 in San Francisco was rainy and cold but still 40,000 people came out not thinking of the bad weather condition to attend and support the 8th West Coast Walk For Life.

The Day came and the sun was out, our Lord blessed our event, it was a shiny day to defend Life. Among the people who participated during the walk was our CFCFFL Norcal Community with about 100 members. Around 12 NN the park in front of the City Hall were filled with people ready to proclaim and march for Life.

The Walk started at the Civic Center  towards  Market St., one of the busiest street downtown San Francisco. The CFC’s, SvFL, HFL were praying while the SFL and YFL were singing and chanting Defend Life!  The environment was happy and jolly. The walk ended at the Justin Herman Plaza at the Embarcadero.

Our community will always be the forefront of this fight and we will keep it that way. We will never back down, together we will never be defeated.