A blessing to serve in CFC KFL

(re-posted from CFC KFL)

By RG Garcia, CFC KFL-South California Mission Volunteer
For many years, I have been serving at the KFL conferences in the west coast.  KFL conference was my initial calling to service, and I treasure each and every opportunity I get to serve at the KFL conferences.  It is always a blessing to serve at the KFL conference because of the many graces God gives through the inspiring child-like faith of the KFL.For one, I must say that serving in KFL takes a massive amount of energy and spirit.  The KFL require liveliness and constant entertainment, and it is always a challenge to keep the momentum of fun going for them.  In a way, we are sacrificing ourselves.  God’s nature is lively and constant, and this is exactly the characteristic of God we bring to these children.  Needless to say, we are reimbursed with another characteristic of God, which is unpredictability.Also, throughout the weekend, I really felt the awe and wonder of the children.  Their interest and excitement about the simplest of things was truly inspiring.  From the museum exhibits, to the talents displayed at the talent show, it is a constant reminder that we should always be in awe of the gifts God  gives us each and every day. 

Above all, the memories i hold closest to my heart are the Kids Praise.  Being a music minister myself, it is always refreshing to see true worship take place.  The children are captivated by joy, and they surrender by the volume of their voices and their unrestricted dance moves.  God really reveals Himself to the children, and these children truly recognize the Lord before them.

All in all, it was beautiful and inspiring, and the kids ministry truly is a spirit-filled ministry!

Note: To view the pictures of the recent National Kids Conference of CFC KFL USA, please click here.