A Calling to Live Out

A Calling to Live Out

Reflection on the book “Fishers of Men”
by Chloe Loquias

The book of our Servant General entitled “Fishers of Men” ultimately defines who a true evangelizer is – someone who heard the call, responded and, with urgency, allowed himself to become an instrument in bringing the good news of Jesus to others. Despite this noble truth, facing the situation of the world today challenges us to constantly look at evangelization as a calling, a duty and a privilege. But we have to remember that from the beginning God created man to long for Him, and finding Him in the midst of all the succumbing threat of sin gives man the strength to rise above it all. Clinging to the truth that God is what man truly needs gives an understanding that conversion and worthiness of God’s love is for everyone. That each individual has the capacity to turn away from evil and follow the path of the Lord. That everyone is in need of God.

This knowledge is just part and parcel of the whole equation. The bigger part and what will make us worthy evangelizers is the challenge for us to live it out – to allow our lives to be lived fully in such a way that allows God to move through us. That our lives express an intensity of the burden to proclaim God’s good news of salvation to the world. That urgency within ourselves becomes a factor for us to push ourselves to be God’s co-workers to this world.

Our strengthened relationship with God makes this possible. If we stay connected to the source of the power and effectiveness of our work, evangelization becomes a work of faith. What makes it even more powerful is that if we are united as one community of Christian believers, despite our differences, the work of evangelization becomes worldwide, rapid and massive – the very plan of God as He uses us as His instruments in this mission. Both the power of our personal relationship with God and our relationship with our brethren are significant keys in order for us to be an “evangelistic army” of God.

The calling of God is given to everyone, we are blessed to be the ones who heard it and responded to it. In our response we are not only bringing people to meet God and experience His greatness but we ourselves are transformed to becoming people who are willing to leave everything for God. May in our journey to continually work in this divine appointment given to us, amidst all the challenges we face, may we also continue to strive to live out what it truly means to be God’s anointed fishers of men.