A Celebration at the June Senior’s Assembly

Last night was a celebration of the 31st year of CFC FFL as people from all over the world shared during the Senior’s Assembly. Read the Twitter updates of CFC FFL to relive it. Read from the bottom to the top.

There is so much more to come. Amen!

How are we blessed to be blessings to others? God will answer our questions.

We look back at 31 years, but we look at where we are now as well. How is my relationship with God and community. And look forward .

If every one of us stepped up and offered himself for the work we will see greater things

God is using all of us. Each and every individual. Each family.

Yes Lord here I am. I love you and I want to be faithful and available.

Thank you to those who are still here, still persevering.

You will reach the point when hardly anything will bring you down. Because the Lord is there for you.

We should have that overflowing love and gratitude in our hearts that we can only say YES LORD!

Are you going to live out your covenant?

You know me Lord. I am sinful. But here I am. I love you so much and I just want to do what you want me to do. I put my great hope in you.

Everything will work for our good. Many times we just dont see it

If you truly realize and try to see that great perspective of what God is about, then trials shouldn’t shake us

It’s not going to be a bed of roses. But as we evangelize we enter into more spiritual warfare.

There is much greater things to come

All about God’s plan. And all about salvation. Are you going to make it to Heaven?

Sharing about new generation of leaders who worship and serve vibrantly. And who weren’t even born 31 years ago

31 years may seem like a long time but it is still a short time in the eyes of God

The Lord God speaks, who will not prophesy? We ain’t seen nothing yet!

The Lord is using us to be trailblazers! Go out and make yourselves available for mission

Cayman Islands is growing very fast and is also evangelizing other islands

Sharing stories of mission to the USA, Japan and Cameroon

Ado Paglinawan coordinator of the West Indies now sharing

In SvFL I have learned to be alone but not lonely

I am a walking miracle of the Lord!

Basta sumasayaw ako para sa CFC FFL Buhay na Buhay ako !

Miracle of miracles I am now NOT a diabetic. I do not have high blood pressure or hypertension

Because of my service in SvFL I am sustained

God was good. God is good. Yesterday today and forever. My reason for my existence is CFC FFL

Our family went on mission and our home burned. But we kept on because that is what the Lord wanted. And He took care of us

When Marilen passed, I asked will there be something after? The world consoles with us – our family for Christ

We have been together through hardship and toils but we are still together because it is Gods plan

I am a lawyer by profession but an evangelizer by vocation

CFC has been my life for 31 years. Wherever the Lord sends you be shall provide everything.

Everyone I see here has a niche in my heart. Especially those who know me and my wife Marilen.

Pompoy Dinglasan of CFC Servants for Family and Life now sharing

Brother from the USA now sharing. Has been in CFC in 1993. Relocated to the US in 1995

Have been missionaries outside the Philippines for the past 5 years and there is still so much work to be done!

Edwin Andrews coordinator of Latin America now sharing

On to the next 30 years!

Couples for Christ is in our blood. Continue going throughout the world. Continue the fight for God!

We are not afraid! Continue our evangelization. The Holy Spirit continues to use us all over the world

Frank is more of teaching and I am more of a storyteller

Bishop Gabby Reyes and archbishop Soc Villegas were with us in milan as well

Talking about the World Meeting of Families. CFC FFL had an exhibit booth in Milan .

Sharing about CFC FFL and the blessings of the past 31 years

Gerry Padilla now sharing, wife of our Servant General

The Lord always fixes my schedule. Thankful for the support of my wife and family.

I thank the Lord for always paving the way. Even as simple as letting me come to the assembly on time

Bob Murga country servant of the Philippines now sharing

I am privileged to be here talking to you all. God is real and He loves everyone. Especially the poor and the suffering

2012 this year I retired to obey the Lord and see where He will take me

Brother from Papua New Guinea now sharing

Ronald thanking his wife Rosanne who is always pushing him to do better as Country Servant

Our community in Taiwan is growing even amidst trials and challenges

Ronald Huan country servant of Taiwan now sharing

God will take care of you wherever you are if you allow him to take care of you

If you put the Lord first in your life, He will take care of you.He learned that during his first time here 19 years ago. And still true now

John Peter Vui country servant of Vietnam now sharing.

Iceland has seen 25% growth over the past year. And is now 10 years old!

Mike Frigge country servant of Iceland now sharing

I am your father and you are my children. Allow me to take care of you and experience my love.

Pay attention and come to me. Listen so you may have life.

Do not dampen my Spirit!

Our Lord is always good and faithful. And waiting for us to come and worship Him.

It’s been 31 years of our community gathering in assemblies and worshipping God. That’s faithfulness – God’s faithfulness to us!

Our servant general leading the assembly tonight 🙂

Seniors Assembly for June is tonight! Just finished the rosary here at Christ the King parish hall.