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Today was a day of WORSHIP! The members of CFC Youth for Family and Life gathered in Ynares, Antipolo for their Gripped by Grace Youthfest. More than 3,000 youth gathered to listen to speakers like Joseph Tesoro (Live Pure Movement International Coordinator) and Fr. Francis Gustilo (CFC FFL Spiritual Director); sharers like Arvin Serra (missionary to Argentina who had to come home due to his father’s health concerns), Daryl Aloya and Aissa Buensalido; and were roused by Jermer Cruz (CFC KFL Fulltimer leaving to spend 3 months in Taize, France) in a worship totally focused on God’s grace gripping our lives.

Then it flowed into the CFC FFL Blast of Praise where CFC FFL members filled up the rest of the Auditorium, and we worshipped God through songs and dances. A welcome address by our Servant General Frank Padilla; and exhortations from Cocoi Javier, Francis Rodrigo, Dino Badilla, Pat and Grace Oconer, and Bambi Urgino.

It was a day of WORSHIP, all focused on God and His goodness and greatness in our lives.