A Drop of Love: Week Two

Week Two began with planning out how to bring the relief goods to the affected areas of Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan.



Our brothers Oca Oblefias, Pat Oconer and Joseph Tesoro reported the situation they saw in the mission areas they visited during the weekend (November 15-17,2013): Oca and Pat in Cebu and Tacloban and Joseph in Palawan.

Here is Pat’s sharing:



The full text of Pat’s sharing can be found here.

HOPE created an OCEAN OF LOVE throughout the week…


…and allowed us to witness FAITH THAT WORKS WONDERS!



More than 3 Million Pesos in two weeks! But it was not only through this that we experienced an outpouring of help.



As we called on for volunteers to come to the office and help us prepare more than 5,000 relief packs,  A LOT of people responded:



These young professionals are from Accenture. They checked out the list of DSWD accredited relief centers and chose to volunteer with CFC FFL.

Most volunteers went to the office straight from school:



We had kid volunteers too!


And so last Thursday, November 21, 2013, our missionaries set off to Tacloban to bring relief goods:



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FAITH, HOPE and LOVE has come to Tacloban and it’s all because of God’s grace in YOU.

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Thank you Lord, for being our limitless God.



Thank You, Lord, for inspiring us to be limitless too.


The work continues. Together, we can restore and rebuild our land and the lives of our brothers and sisters in need.