A Heart for Christ

A Heart for Christ

Reflection on the book “Fishers of Men”
by Maan Palma

God made man, and man is made for God. And even though we deny it, the reality is that every creature has a longing for its Creator. A man’s heart is constantly in search for something.

There will always be this innate spiritual thirst in our hearts. Like a deer is taught to desire for water, we also long for God. We yearn for him. We have a deep and unquenchable thirst in our hearts that only God can satisfy. We will forever feel incomplete not unless our hearts are very intimate with the heart of the one who created us. We feel connected, intimate and find ourselves more in love with God by constantly communicating to Him through our prayer, the Bible and the sacraments.

As we fall deeper and deeper with in love with God, we realize that God calls us to a bigger plan – which is not only for us to go to heaven but to also, bring all the people which God loves that we meet along the way back to heaven. We realize that we need to evangelize others. Not only when we feel like doing it; but it is a marching order to each and everyone who loves Christ. Each every Christian in this world has this task to perform and to be able to bring about. Every one of us is called to be on a mission – to be fishers of men. Our basic mission is to proclaim the good news of Christ to everybody that we meet. It is for others to hear and know about the good plans of God in their lives, to believe in him and to follow His footsteps – for the evangelized to also be an evangelizer. We work together in bringing everybody back to God – the one who has the completeness of our heart.

The problem is that once we are called to a bigger task to be fishers of men, we become afraid. We feel we are too ordinary. We feel that we are not good enough. We are not worthy enough. We do not have the right “equipment” to be able to do the task right. That we do not have the right “connections” to be able to have a strong influence. That there is somebody better than us that can do a much better task than what we can do. We feel that our heart is not big enough to do the task that he asks of us. We have so many reasons to say why we can’t do it. There are so many things that hinders us from giving our heartful yes to be used by God.

But we should always remember that God did not call us to this task because we are perfect already. But he calls us in spite and despite of our imperfectness for us to see how he can make something out of nothing. On how he can do great things in the little things that we offer. We just have to trust in him and his plans. As he calls the you to put down your net after a whole night of empty catch, we say yes to him using us even though we are not sure of our competency. Just remember, he was the one who called us, we should believe and put our faith and trust that he knows what he is doing. His heart knows you and wants the best for you.

Be assured, also, that you are not alone in this. He sends people to be with you. If you open up your eyes, we are many in this task that God has entrusted to us. We have a brother, a comrade in arms, that seeks on the goal to bring back more souls to Jesus Christ – to be one in him and his love.

The call of God is not easy, but the way of God is the way of the cross. As we get more intimate with God, we realize that our call is not to live a comfortable life but a life filled with daily crosses and trials but also one with more meaning. As we embrace our crosses,  we realize that our heart slowly but surely resembles the heart that made us, the heart that we belong to – the heart of Christ.