A Life-Changing Encounter with Christ (A National Youth Day 2017 Reflection)

Nico Ureta in the National Youth Day 2017

By Nico Ureta
FLiQ Media Full-time Worker

One of the kuyas just randomly asked me, “Nikko, gusto mo mag NYD (do you want to go to NYD)?”. I didn’t have any second thoughts and immediately accepted the offer because I know that it will be a chance to take a break from my usual daily routine.

I had the opportunity to go to the WYD (World Youth Day) last year that was held in Poland and some of my colleagues are actually telling me that don’t expect that NYD will be the same as WYD. It will be also my first time attending a big local Church event. Whether it will be the same or not, for me attending the NYD will be another opportunity for me to meet Christ in a different way.

­­­I tried my best to participate actively in the activities NYD. Participating during the animations, chants, attending the workshops, actively participating during the festival night and many more. For a long time, this NYD experience gave me the opportunity to become a participant again in a big event.

One of my favorites in the NYD is the group discussion. Our group consist of pilgrims from different Dioceses and Youth Organizations. I was really inspired from their stories on serving the youth. Though most of them are struggling, but we believe that these struggles are making them more committed on serving the youth.

I believe that I encountered Christ in the people that I met, from my delegation, our host family, and my groupmates. From the group sharings, the animations, having meals together, being tired from long walks under the rain, and such, Christ showed me that leaving my baggage and focusing on Him will made me realize that He really has done great things for me.

Yes, this NYD experience is really different from my WYD experience. But both of them are lifechanging. All the things that happened to me in Zamboanga is a learning experience that I should cherish. I am really blessed that I had this chance to attend the National Youth Day 2017!