A Privileged Calling

A Privileged Calling

Reflection on the book “Fishers of Men”
by Richelle Mendoza

Jesus commanded his disciples to be fishers of men in Luke 5:1-11 which is the very same call that Jesus instructs for us today.  It seems to be a huge challenge, a challenge that can be filled with doubts and fears especially in our world today.

Oftentimes we think that evangelization should be left only for ‘experts’ or those we feel live a holy life such as priests or the religious. As Jesus’ followers it is our duty to evangelize, to proclaim His goodness and bring people closer God.  This calling is indeed a privilege, a calling often ignored unless we take it seriously.

At times, I feel unworthy of this calling and feel as if there are plenty of things about me that are lacking. Thoughts such as: “Am I good enough?” or “I don’t feel worthy”. Yet, I am reminded that Jesus does not look at status or who performs the best. He looks at the heart of the one he calls. He chooses and calls the ordinary to do the extraordinary. He equips us with what we need in this battle of saving lives. I have realized that there is nothing wrong with thinking we are ordinary because once we admit our nothingness, God can truly use us powerfully.

Having been a member of the community for the longest time, it becomes routine to ‘evangelize’ through CLS’, Youth Camps etc. but evangelization does not stop there, it must be lived daily. It is to evangelize in the everyday circumstances of our day-to-day lives. When people see us, they should see Christ working through our speech and actions. This is an opportunity to draw them closer to God.

Therefore, it is important to keep our eyes focused on God and to remember that this work is not ours but His. We must be rooted in Christ, and Christ alone. Holiness is a call to everyone, to ‘grow more in the image and likeness of Jesus himself’. To be effective in this ministry of evangelization, we must first grow in holiness. We need to work as one body, united in Christ. It won’t be an easy feat, but with God everything is possible. Perseverance and faith is all we need in our daily battles. God has already won the victory for us, we must only answer and respond to his call.