(by Jeff Jordan, CFC FFL Rome)

It was a sunny Sunday morning in Rome despite the previous weather forecast that it would be a cloudy, gloomy day. The organizers were expecting some 5000 to  6000 pro-life rallyists but it turned out that a 15,000 strong crowd came together with their  flags, banners and slogans.

And yes!!! We were there – the CFCFFL Rome with our mere number but with great joy and enthusiasm. What really got my attention was the simplicity, peacefulness and the air of festivity among the marchers. It was that atmosphere that made me think and reflect how good life is and how life is made to be lived and enjoyed in its fullness. I saw many families, especially the fathers,  who together with their children happily walked those kilometers not minding if their child would get tired and would wanted to be carried on their shoulders until up to the Vatican from colliseum. The presence of  many young people were astounding, it gave me a sense of hope for the future generation it just somehow reminded me that no matter how great is the number of those young people who propagate and immersed themselves in the culture of death there are still those who believe that life has to be defended and life itself will be preserved by this very same people who stood for life. What I’m trying to say is if humanity is dying then pro-life  is its life extension.

We met a lay Filipino student who came with an Italian pro-life group from Padova by the name of  Juan Miguel Montes who was surprised to meet the only Filipino group in this event, we also met different groups especially the religious,but there was not so much talking just walking… knowing that each and every one of us has a very special care for life, most especially the unborn and the unwanted. At a certain point we stopped with our march in Piazza Venezia the very center of Rome (where as they say; “all roads meet”) so as to wait for those who are still at the back and when I turned around only then I realized how huge  the crowd was and seeing that crowd crossing the monument where all roads of the city meets just simply showed the world that as long as there are pro-life groups we will not fear to cross any country, any barriers whether its law or political, nor any creed or denomination where life is suppressed, undefended, endangered and neglected. And to quote Cardinal Burke, when asked if he thought the march was a sign that the tide was turning in favor of the culture of life, he said: “I believe so, and I’ve believed this for some time. There’s no question that the contrary forces are great and hold a lot of so-called worldly power. But here you have a force which is profoundly spiritual, and it will eventually triumph and overcome the forces of the culture of death.”

Lastly I would like to share in these few lines of mine what I learned from this March for Life; “ If you love life then life itself will love you in return.” I was once a legion of Mary here in Rome in the 1990’s and the praesidium where I was with is called  Madonna della Vita( Our Lady of Life) , I ask her intercession  for all our brethren in the CFCFFL all the various groups all over  the world that they’ll be protected from all harm and the evil one now and at the hour of our death.