A Statement of Urgent Concern: NO TO GLOBAL WARMING! – NO TO KALIWA DAM!

A Statement of Urgent Concern


We, citizens of the Philippines and of Planet Earth,  strongly oppose the construction of the Kaliwa Dam and the other Centennial Dams (Laiban and Kanan Dams)  in General Nakar, Quezon:

Because, aside from submerging 2,768 hectares of forests which should be absorbing carbon, the   still water in the dam create methane gas which is far worse than carbon in causing global warming. Big dams do not give  clean  and renewable energy.  How can the Philippines fulfill its promise to cut 70% of its pollution when it pushes through  the  construction of the centennial dams?

Because, Yolanda happened while we are only .8 °Centigrade above pre-industrial period, it is scary to imagine how it will be when we reach 1 or 2 °C. We welcome the decision of the governments in Paris not to allow global warming to reach 2 °C but  it was not binding on anyone. The scientists’ summary of the promises of countries to lower gas emission  even  amounted to 2.7 °C! Nonetheless millions of citizens of the world have bonded together to save the planet and to  pressure governments to  pass needed  laws. As we are now experiencing  endless natural disasters, our  passion for ecological conversion has become intense. We need   to oppose greed at all costs and to care for the poor and Mother Earth.

Because, the Indigenous people whose life and culture will be destroyed by the Kaliwa dam have not been given their   Free Prior and Informed  Consent as required by R.A. 8371.

Because, Sierra Madre is home to biodiversity. Damming the Kaliwa River will deprive the present and next generation of their sources of medicine and food.


Because, 100,000 residents of Infanta, Real, and General Nakar are deathly afraid of the dam  because of the 2004 flash flood experience.  The earthquake faults underneath not only point out to possibilities of  grave dangers because already in 1880 a massive earthquake in Luzon damaged the churches of Manila, Infanta and Mauban. Hot springs in  the Kaliwa River itself  in Sitio Cablao might also be indications of the existence of a volcano underneath.

Because, a 28 kilometer tunnel from Kaliwa to Antipolo with a diameter of 4 meters will be constructed 200 meters underground. Is this after Sierra Madre’s minerals?

Because, it is our taxes that will shoulder the costs of the Centennial Dams amounting to  a staggering  P66 billion; whereas, if the Pasig-Laguna Watershed were rehabilitated, for  only P14 billion we can have   water processed clean  similar to the New Water in Singapore. What a  difference of 52 billion pesos!

Other alternatives are 1) desilt Angat dam and reforest its watershed; 2) use the Wawa dam; 3) through desalination use the sea water; 4) fix the leaking pipes,  collect rain water and implement water conservation. For energy needs,  use solar and wind power.


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Youth and children below 18 years old  can also sign since they will inherit the kind of earth we fought for them now. Kindly send the signed copies to: Save Sierra Madre Network Alliance  Rm. 232 St. Anthony Building Cambridge St. Cor Aurora Blvd, Cubao, Quezon City. CP No 0920 9684982. Duplicate as many copies as needed.