(Part 75)


May 4, 2016

“Adapt your charism to today’s needs,” says Pope Francis. This is the very same challenge to CFC-FFL in its embrace of LCSC. It is the charism, life and mission of CFC-FFL that has given birth to LCSC. But the need and the call today is to the New Evangelization, which cannot be fulfilled in the same old ways. Now the Holy Spirit has shown us in CFC-FFL how to adapt our charism to the call to the New Evangelization. This is in and through LCSC.

It is the work of LCSC that will actually help renew the life and mission of CFC-FFL. It is LCSC that looks to be an “answer to the real needs of the world and of the Church.”

Just as Pope Francis has addressed the Mercedarians, so too is he addressing the mercynaries of CFC-FFL.


Adapt your charism to today’s needs, Pope tells Mercedarians

May 03, 2016

Pope Francis addressed members of the Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy who had gathered in Rome for their general chapter.

Speaking in the Sala del Concistoro (Hall of the Consistory) of the Apostolic Palace on May 2, the Pope paid tribute to the Mercedarians’ “great achievements” since their founding in 1218, including “the work of the redemption of captives, the daring mission in the New World, as well as the many members distinguished for their sanctity and learning.”

“The true life of the Order must be sought in the constant effort to adapt and renew itself, in order to be able to give a generous answer to the real needs of the world and of the Church, being faithful to the enduring patrimony of which you are the depositories,” he continued.

Calling the Mercedarians to be prophets who are led by the Spirit to the peripheries, Pope Francis asked them to “‘proclaim the Lord’s Year of Grace’ to all those to whom you are sent: to the persecuted because of their faith and to those deprived of freedom; to the victims of trafficking and to the young people of your schools; to those employed in your works of mercy and to the faithful of the parishes and the missions that have been entrusted to you by the Church.”


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