We embrace by adopting. We touch lives by adopting.

These are what CFC Educational Foundation, Inc. (CFCEFI) learned as it took on adopting public schools, by virtue of the Adopt-A-School Program of the Department of Education.

Teachers were touched


To teach is to touch. As educators touch learners’ lives, they need to be inspired, motivated, and affirmed. The act is achieved through the ministry’s IMPACT (Empowerment and Mentoring Program for Parents, Caregivers, and Teachers) sessions which has touched and affirmed teachers. As the teachers shared, “The sessions reminded us to perform our duties as a teacher and mentor well. They enlightened me on how I should respond to the tasks we were entrusted with, and the talks helped so much in terms of the proper ways of handling children at risk. We likewise realized the meaning of our call as educators. IMPACT formed in us the heart to genuinely love our students.” They also remarked that the values content of the sessions created a tremendous positive attitude among the teachers. Each session, they said, encouraged the teachers to freely express their views which enlivened the activity, as well as enhanced their trust and confidence towards their colleagues.

Parents as learners

Each session with the parents elicited warm response. They thirst for such formation sessions and activities which allowed them to meet and interact with fellow parents, as well as be affirmed of their valuable role in their children’s lives, and learn effective parenting practices. The parents shared how important it was for them to learn lessons about parenting, as these enabled them to properly address their children’s concerns and be of help to the teachers. The IMPACT sessions, they said, led them to discover how unique and talented their children were, and that these gifts need to be nurtured. The talks further reminded them to love their children for who they are.

Student Formation

For the past year, CFCEFI, with the help of the CFC Youth for Family and Life and CFC Kids for Family and Life, embarked on student formation for its adopted schools. The program, which took its form as a bi-monthly club meeting, involved values/virtues-based activities.




Advocating Collaboration

School adoption merely suggest the concept of collaboration. It is a culture which rids the school community of blaming and seeing the weaknesses of the parents and teachers. It is one which advocates productivity through mutual support between the school, home, and community.

Through the Adopt-A-School Program, CFCEFI noted that the way the school regards the parents either motivates the parents to be actively involved or not. At the same time, parental involvement contributes much to the school atmosphere. When parents decide to be actively involved in their children’s education, it does not only refer to their concern over their children’s academic performance/achievement, but it also refers to their efforts in showing their children that they have a keen interest in what is happening to them (children). Such collaboration between home, school and community has its rewards. One school principal shared how, through the IMPACT sessions conducted and through the reading intervention program, the recent National Achievement Test result revealed that the said school’s ranking significantly improved. One of the said school’s head noted,   “I believe this is because the formation sessions created in us a commitment and dedication to work, which led our students to have a sense of direction and purpose. This also allowed them to see how each of them was created for a purpose, and that they were all called to live victorious lives.”


Contributed by Myra M. Menguito, CFC Educational Foundation, Inc.