Alive in Christ

Last weekend, CFC FFL Metro Manila trooped to Baguio City to celebrate the ALIVE IN CHRIST weekend at CAP John Hay. It is the couples’ interpretation of the 2012 theme of CHOOSE LIFE.

The whole weekend was moderated by Gary Faustino. He readied the participants for what to expect during the weekend, and set the tone for the “retreat”-like conference.

Day 1 started with a Mass celebrated by  Fr. Francis Gustilo. Morning worship led by Bobby Tagulinao. And session 1: “Life at it’s fullest” by Cocoi Javier.

In the afternoon, worship was led by Sonny Manuel of China. Session 2: “Alive but lifeless” by Joseph Tesoro. Eucharistic Adoration followed. And the last session of the day was led by Francis and Debbie Rodrigo, with sharings from Lina Eguico, Rudy and Rita Tamse, Mon and Merlyn Arguelles & Alex and Bubut de Guzman. Closing Worship was led by Bambi Urgino.

The couples enjoyed a night of dancing with music from the SOLD OUT BAND and funny emceeing by Oca and Jocy Oblefias

Day 2 started with a Mass again celebrated by Fr. Francis Gustilo. Morship worship by JC Sarmiento. The last session was led by the Servant General, Frank Padilla; and closing worship by Pat Oconer.

The delegates ended the weekend in cheers with news of the latest PFO announcement.

Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao also have scheduled Alive in Christ weekends coming in the next few weeks. And so with the rest of the world.