Always be right with God part 2

(Sharing by Sis Delia Rosales, Wife of Bro James Rosales, Dumaguete District Coordinator-Pro-Life & Health Ministries and CFC-FFL Chapter Servant of Dumaguete Central Area – from the One-Visayas “Alive in Christ” Weekend)

“Your hands shaped me and made me… Did You not clothe me with skin and flesh and knit me together with bones and sinews? You gave me life and showed me kindness, and in Your providence, watched over my spirit.” Job 10:8-12

I opted to open this sharing with such a Biblical passage in the hope that we would be reminded of the profound value there is in every life and in every breath one takes…

Good afternoon, my brothers and sisters in Christ. I am sister Delia T. Rosales of Dumaguete City. I am a Doctor/Pediatrician, a loving wife, and a mother of two lovely children who are both pursuing their
medical courses. As mentioned by my husband, Brother James, we were one of the first couples who attended the 1st CLP in Dumaguete City. That was 23 years ago when I was still pregnant with my 1st child and until now, I’m still here in this community serving Him. I’m still very willing to do the mission that God has entrusted to me thru CFC-FFL.

Allow me to anchor my sharing in context of the rising issue on the RH Bill, which I choose to proclaim that my conviction is the promotion of life and that anything that goes against this is indeed against my God. As a mature individual, it is natural for me to weigh things out and see both sides of the issues and later on decide on the matter.

I am aware how it can give me the fullest advantage as a doctor. Likewise, I am also aware of its negative sides. However, much to my contemplation, I said at a certain point, there shall be no deeper analysis; no further reflections on whether or not I would grasp that kind of CHANGE that they like to impose on this country, or embrace the passion that I live on in the Name of Jesus. I am standing for LIFE.

True and undeniable, I am into the full use of the “BEST” of modern medicine or shall we say, the breakthroughs in medicine. As a member of this community here in CFC-FFL, I too, am into the full promotion and proclamation of the healing power of Jesus. I said to myself, “How ironic it would be if I would defy the meaning of my involvement here in CFC-FFL just for a Bill whose effects are Unsure and Questionable.”

The Holy Spirit grants me the grace to understand every single argument and the strength to abide with what the Lord calls me to choose… and I CHOOSE LIFE!

Then I started to figure out, I really cannot afford to see a country where there is ABORTION, more CONTRACEPTIONS. There are more broken relationships, more INFECTIONS and more DESTRUCTIONS. With this conviction, I learn to push my personal belief, that is: I believe that health is based on the relationships found in the community… I believe that if we put enough trust in medicine, we can create a loving atmosphere where destruction of life becomes Unthinkable. Thank God, this conviction is right here in this ministry, the Couples for Christ Foundation for Family and Life (CFC-FFL).

Into me. With these hands, I will inherit His healing power. With this heart, I will serve with His compassion.

While I remain strong to be right at His side, I will go on with this gift of profession —> To spread the Gospel of Life in Medicine, to practice Theology of the body where individuals respect their bodies by not repressing them, and to always see GOD in every patient that He gives me every day.

Thank you, my brothers and sisters, and be blest!