Always be right with God

(Sharing by Bro. James Rosales, Dumaguete District Coordinator-Pro-Life & Health Ministries and CFC-FFL Chapter Servant of Dumaguete Central Area – from the One-Visayas “Alive in Christ” Weekend)

Good afternoon, brothers and sisters! I am Brother James Jed Rubio Rosales, a Doctor of Medicine by profession, married to Delia Tudela with two children who are both in college. Delia and I were one of the twenty seven (27) first batch members of Couples For Christ (CFC) in Dumaguete City in 1989. We joined CFC with only one purpose – to serve the Lord in a righteous way.

Presently, we are serving as the chapter servants of Dumaguete City. At the same time, we are also servant leaders of the Prolife and Health Ministry of the Diocese of Dumaguete.

Following HIM is not easy. There are lots of crosses and trials. But, it is rewarding to know that at the end of the day, GOD is still with us, lifting our heavy burdens.

Today, allow me to share to you one of my crossroads. It’s between comfort versus clear conscience. I used to be a government doctor working as a Municipal Health Officer in one of the municipalities in our place from 2000-2006. My earnings were enough to support my family’s needs and pay-off my obligations. However, it could not be denied that the office I was working with was and is still promoting  the use of contraceptives and other devices to control population. I was scheduled to go on training so that when I came back to the clinic, I could already perform vasectomies. All of this was against the Church, our Christian way of life, and my Hippocratic oath, and above all… against the will of GOD.  Aaminin ko, I had sinned in different ways and I pretended to be a servant of the Lord.  Buti  na lang, the split in 2007 came and renewed my life. My eyes were opened as I began to see and realize that I was an infidel to my covenant with the Lord since I was not following His will. At that moment, I decided to choose GOD and choose LIFE.  I resigned from my job and left my comfort zone. Although I was worried because I knew pretty well that my family’s future was at stake, I took it upon myself to clear my conscience and henceforth, no longer transgress the Lord in that aspect. I redirected myself back to HIM.

Now, I am working on my own as a private physician with an income that can hardly suffice and let the ends meet. I am also not ashamed to tell you that my wife is earning more than what I make in my job. But, I have no regrets because what’s consoling is this: GOD has never abandoned me. I can always feel His presence in my family. We have been continuously showered with an unexpected abundance of grace. For that, I want to praise the Lord and thank HIM. May His name always be praised.

Thank you Lord! Thank YOU!

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  1. Way to go brother! Indeed you know in your heart, you are living in prosperity for choosing the way of truth. What you have now is a hundred fold of what you have sacrificed. For the promise of prosperity is to the just one and not to the worldly. As we are being transformed in His grace, our priorities and desires transforms as well. That is why we choose the life we have now. Indeed true prosperity is having what our heart desires and not what others measure us with. Persecution, yes, just as the scripture says. In the Way you have chosen, persecution will be abundant. But this too has become our choosing. Because now, given God's strength and courage, and able to truly understand it's heavenly purpose, we persevere with peace and even joy. Thus, God plans prosperity for all who loves Him. Jesus says those who follows Him will have a hundred fold, with persecution, of what they loose for His sake and the gospel, in this generation. Go therfore and pursue whatever your new heart now desires for indeed "He prospers the works of the hands of the just" as well.

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