An extraordinary experience

206654_1870668177227_3755343_n(by Sweet Roque)

Last World Youth Day was an extraordinary experience for me. I felt God’s embrace and I basked in God’s love and presence during the pilgrimage in Madrid. It made me fall in love with the Lord drawing me to be bolder in my convictions and more radical in proclaiming the faith.

This year of faith, I want to grow more in my personal relationship with God and grow deeper in faith. As a missionary, I would like to really give myself even more and serve God even more. I want to have a deeper knowledge on how to minister the young people. This is the year that I really pray to God to “see with eyes of faith”. May God also grant me the grace to share that faith to others who don’t know Christ yet.

We need to be one with the Catholic Church as we proclaim God’s kingdom. This WYD is a momentous event wherein God will speak and teach us on how to evangelize and be a prophet to the nation. Pope Benedict XVI urged us to “go and make disciples of all nation” and he will state how we will do it during the vigil / Mass. Thus, I know that this pilgrimage will empower me as I radically give myself for the mission and service to God.

Truly no eye has seen what the Lord has in stored for all of us. I am looking forward to journey once again with the Lord as a pilgrim in WYD 2013 at Rio de Janeiro. This will be an experience wherein God will personally talk to me and reveal to me what he plans for my life as a Christian, a youth minister, a lay missionary, a friend, a sister, and as a daughter of God.

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