Anniversary Greeting from Fr. Herb Schneider, S.J.

To Couples for Christ, Foundation for Family and Life

Happy 30th Anniversary!

On the night before his death Jesus prayed for all those who would believe in him that they be so united in love as to reflect the unity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Such communities are powerful testimony to the fact that Jesus is truly the Savior of the world. The basic building blocks of society and of the Church are families and if that unity of love in the Lord is not visible in families then the Church’s witness to Christ lacks conviction. Any movement or community that has for its purpose the conversion and transformation of families is, I believe, close to the heart of the Lord and at the heart of the Church.

For 30 years Couples for Christ, Foundation for Family and Life has labored successfully for the conversion of couples and families. Through their tireless labor Christ has been enthroned in countless families and families have been empowered as agents of spiritual and social transformation according to the Gospel. Thirty years of dedicated and successful family ministry is surely a sign of the Lord’s blessing and great reason for celebration and thanksgiving. It is my wish and prayer that the Lord would continue to pour out his abundant blessings on Couples for Christ, Foundation for Family and Life here in the Philippines and throughout the world. May He through the gift of his Spirit enable them to bring the Lord to many more families in the Philippines and abroad for the honor and glory of God and the good of the Church.

In our Lord

Fr. Herb

Herbert Schneider, S.J.


(Fr Herb Schneider S.J. was the Head Coordinator of Ang Ligaya ng Panginoon community when it gathered 16 couples that later became Couples for Christ in June 1981.)