Anti-RH Bill Rally on Wednesday

Brethren, as you may have been following recent developments in Congress on the RH Bill, there is such great urgency to stand up against the evil behind this forceful push to pass the bill.  Please encourage participation in the following pro-life and anti-RH activities :

1.  Dec 12, 2012, at 12noon, there will be a Mass at the St Peter’s Parish Church along Commonwealth Avenue, QC, to be followed by a march to the Batasang Pambansa/Congress.  Please wear RED; HHs are encouraged to form groups to attend the Mass and subsequent activities; also you may want to remind your parish priests about this planned activity

2.  Areas, particularly those far from NCR, are to form and assign hourly prayer brigades and warriors, pray fervently with primary intention being the rejection of the RH Bill in the session to be held

As a community, we stand against all anti-life forces and intentions.  We stand up for family and life.

Please reach out and disseminate this as soon as you possibly can to your members.

Thanks and God bless

Bob Murga, Country Servant