(Part 79)


June 6, 2015

Our work of evangelization is an assault on the enemy. He will not take this kindly, and will counterattack. One of his favorite attacks is causing conflicts and disunity in the body. If and when this happens, the community is in trouble.

God provides the grace for us to remain united, to be one in vision and mission and communal life. But we need to do our part. We need to understand and live out basic Christian principles and practices.

Some important principles:

* The community ideal is peace, which is the result of fraternal charity, justice and community order.

* Disagreements are not conflicts, but can easily lead to conflicts.

* If seniors are authentic Christians, there will be no conflicts in community. There is nothing that cannot be resolved in the Lord.

How to avoid conflicts:

* Do not gossip. Do not listen to gossip. Correct the one who starts to gossip.

* Do not speak ill of others, especially behind their backs. If you have something negative to say, bring it to the person who has the authority to do something about it.

* Be kind in the face of your brother’s shortcomings.

* When there are disagreements, have face-to-face dialogue. If you cannot resolve it, bring a third person in. If you still cannot resolve it, you have one or both of two options: forbear and/or elevate the matter to the next higher level of authority. Humbly accept whatever the decision is.

* Consider that your brother is never your enemy. Only the evil one is. When you fight with your brother, you are working for the evil one.

* If you feel you have been treated unjustly but are willing to just forgive and forget, rejoice, knowing you are on the right path of holiness.

We owe it to our Lord to strive to remain united and at peace, so that He can effectively use us for His work.

*     *     *

For household discussion:

Discuss the different aspects in avoiding conflict.

Resolve to live these out.