BE.LI.EV.E! The 2013 CFC FFL Conference


Almost 2,000 people from CFC FFL converged at CAP Convention Center in Baguio City for the annual CFC FFL Conference. This year’s theme: BE.LI.EV.E.!

The weekend started with the Holy Rosary and then followed by the Holy Mass celebrated by Fr. Antony Vachappily, spiritual director of CFC FFL Northern California. It was concelebrated by Fr. Francis Gustilo, CFC FFL spiritual director, and Archbishop Charles Bo of Yangon, Myanmar.

Some words from Fr. Antony in his homily:

“To believe is to live in The Lord. This is the Most dynamic, relevant community”

“When god called you, he did not consult you. Allow The Lord to do what he wants to do with you – Mother Teresa”

Opening worship was led by Donn Lee of the District of Novaliches. And the weekend facilitator, Cocoi Javier, introduced the first session:

FAITH given by Fr. Francis Gustilo, SDB.

The afternoon session started with worship led by Chito Liban, District Servant of Novaliches. And the second session FAITH WORKS was given by Philippine Country Servant Bob Murga and his wife Reena. Watch some of the videos shown during the session here.

The couples enjoyed a romantic party and dancing to cap off the evening.

On the second day, the Holy Rosary started the conference, and again the celebration of the Holy Mass with Archbishop Bo as main celebrant and Fr. Francis and Fr. Antony as concelebrants.

Some words from Archbishop Bo from his homily:

“Fidelity up to death is a grace. Given to those who pray to and depend on God”

“Your faith, your joy, your smile and your loyalty to the church is the story in many countries.”

“The almighty God achieves his will not with the power of man but with the weakness of man.”

“We are strong when we know how dependent on God we are.”

“1.You are more than you think you are. 2. There is something you can be and do, but will never be and do apart from Jesus Christ.”

Opening worship was led by Roger Santos of Bagkok, Thailand. And the last session was FAITH WORKS WONDERS given by CFC FFL Founder and Servant General Frank Padilla.

CFC YFL International Coordinator Cocoi Javier wrapped up the weekend and led everyone into the praisefest. The weekend was a time to truly see and experience that FAITH WORKS WONDERS.

We purposely left out details of the weekend, so that you can experience it for yourself. Check the schedule of your CFC FFL BE.LI.EV.E. weekend.

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