Our Servant General Frank Padilla’s Community Conference talk outline. Given on Jan 12, 2013. Video to follow soon.


Jn 14:12.

“Amen, amen, I say to you” — Very imp.

“because I am going to the Father.” — Now our turn. Continuing work.

Since told to follow Jesus, go to heaven also. Last “E”

“will do the works that I do”

What do? Mt 4:23. Evangelization, formation, total human liberation.

“and will do greater ones than these”

Greater? Can’t be greater than Jesus. Mean:

(1) Wider reach. Greater tools. Bigger resources (whole Church).

(2) In reality, just continuation of God’s work. Emp by HS. Mere instruments.

How? “whoever believes in me” — Faith in Jesus.



Be a friend of Jesus. Meet Christ.

Live the way of Jesus. Live Christ.

Evangelize in the name of Jesus. Share Christ.

Enter into eternal life.


When we believe, then such faith works wonders.

Cuz become the people God wants us to become. So can use as instruments.

Nothing impossible with God.

Cuz such work results in the glory of God. So God empowers.



(1) Be rooted in and centered on Christ. Prayer, Bible, cmty, Eucharist.

(2) Be a humble, pure instrument. No agenda. Be clay.

(3) Give your all. HS fills up what is lacking. Trust God.

(4) Do not settle for less than wonders. Expand vision. Work is God’s!

– creation. Heavens.

– Plagues. Red Sea.

– David/Goliath. Gideon.

– Aram vs Elisha. 2 Kgs 6.


Year of Faith. Call to New Evangelization. BE.LI.EV.E!