Because All Was Without Cost

(by Kaye Matignas)

Without cost you have received, without cost shall you give. –cf. Matthew 10:8, NAB

All things came from God, and from God all things came to be. And all things from Him is good and is free; for He is a Generous God. The gift of mission is freely given to us; and to be available for God’s work is our gift. Without cost we have received the joy of mission; without cost shall must we also give for God’s work.

We went to Isabela to bring the good news of chastity and purity. The kuya’s gave the sessions. My part? To share the story of my life, my own conviction of being chaste and pure. Most of what’s in store for us in that mission, we have received for free. All costs in the transport, the food, the accomodations, treated like V.I.P.’s, and all others were freely given. I was thinking that I’d just share to high school students  what God taught me and all other things in this mission was for free?

But don’t get me wrong, it is not because those material things have been freely made available that we have freely given ourselves. But it is because of God’s love being poured on us without cost that enables us to give without cost.

The more we give freely, the more we receive freely. What a paradox, that is! That the gift of mission has been freely given (that is why it is called a gift) to us, it allowed us to openly give ourselves, and that we are able to receive more. Such is the generosity of God. He does not only pamper His children materially, as how He did to us in Isabela. He, as well, nourished us spiritually through the reception of the Eucharist every morning of our stay, the realizations we learned in every act we’ve done, the joy of seeing lives starting to have the same conviction of chastity and purity, and us being more deeply rooted in our stand to live a holy life.

The generosity of God allowed us to experience more of Him, that He really met us in Isabela, teaching us more about chastity and purity. And this same generosity asks us to be generous of our time, our talent, our treasure, and our all for Him, who freely gives.

With this, may God be praised.