Being Fishers of Men: Working in the Father’s Business

Being Fishers of Men: Working in the Father’s Business

Reflection on the book “Fishers of Men”
by Jepoy Meneses

For parents who own and run their own business, their greatest joy is for their child or children to take on their business. It brings so much happiness in the parents to see their son working to enrich their family business.

I experienced this first hand. Last 2009 to 2010, I found myself working for my in-laws’ company. After being a missionary for 4 years, my in-laws convinced me and my wife to work for them. They were happy. At last, somebody will take on the family business.

But this did not last long. After 2 years of working in the family business, I suddenly heard the Lord speaking again, calling me once again to serve as fulltime missionary. I answered His call once again.

I believe this is the same with our heavenly Father. God desires nothing more than for all His children to work in His business – the business of saving souls. God’s desire is for all of His children to return to Him and be with Him in paradise someday. God sent His Son to the greatest rescue mission of all – to save the human race from the snares of sin and the evil.

Not only that, Jesus invited us to the same mission as Him. We call this evangelization. When we respond to the call of Jesus to be fishers of men, we share His mission and work in our Father’s business. This brings God joy.