(Part 32)


February 15, 2015

Today’s reading:  1 Corinthians 10:31-11:1

Today’s liberals want to be nice, accommodating, not judgmental, not wanting to give offense to anyone. So that means not speaking of sin, and just be accepting of each other. Just love, love, love. They might even point to what Paul says to the Corinthians: “Avoid giving offense, whether to Jews or Greeks or the church of God” (v.10:32).

Pagans (Greeks) are offended if we preach to them about Christ, telling us to mind our own business. Christians (the church of God), that is, the nominal or lapsed ones, are offended if they are reminded of their Christian obligations and the need to avoid sin. Liberals, including some priests, nuns and bishops, are offended if we point out that living in, divorce and same-sex unions are all sinful and can bring one to hell. They plead: please, can’t we all just be nice to each other and just love?

Now Paul wanted to please everyone, saying, “just as I try to please everyone in every way” (v.10:33a). Was he a liberal then? No, he was a fire-breathing (Holy Spirit fire), zealous, persistent, straight-talking preacher of the gospel. However, he did know how to conform to the situation and be all things to all people (see 1 Cor 9:20-22). Why did he act in this way? Paul was “not seeking (his) own benefit but that of the many, that they may be saved.” (v.10:32b).

Paul sought the many in every situation in order to bring them to salvation! He conformed to the situation, but he never held back in preaching the gospel.

So the liberals have one-half of the proper approach. They avoid giving offense …. period. So instead of bringing lapsed Catholics back to the authentic faith and to salvation, the liberals allow them to persist in their sin, nay, are made comfortable in their sin. They are accepted as they are, and nothing will be said about sin. There is no need for repentance, because any talk of that is offensive. There is no need to return, because they are already accepted.

The liberal approach is very human-centered. Be nice to our fellow humans. But of itself, it is erroneous and destructive. We must be God-centered, and then we would also care for our fellow humans. What then is the life and work of the Church for? For lapsed Catholics just to be accepted …. or to be accepted in heaven? For man to be the end-all of Church ministry …. or for the glory of God? “So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God.” (v.10:31).

So liberals, learn Paul’s approach. Follow him …. not the secular humanistic modernism that you currently follow. “Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ.” (v.11:1).

*     *     *