Big God in Dallas!

(Joseph Tesoro, Young Ministries International Coordinator)

They say everything is big in Texas.  Well, that statement was proven to be true last July 29-31, 2011.  Aside from 21 oz. steaks and 3 patty-high burgers, I experienced our BIG God in Dallas for the YFL/SFL conference. God was big from the beginning to the end.  The venue itself was literally big!  It was filled by almost 1000 youth, singles, couples and even kids.  We practically had 2 conferences under one roof (also had CLS on sunday morning for MPC).  Yes, that big.

The heart of the service team was so big as well.  CFCFFL Dallas opened their homes, and their refs too, to volunteers from out of state who were serving in the conference.  Talk about big (southern) hospitality!  A lot of people were serving with less sleep but happy hearts.  The production, logistics and graphics team spent countless hours for practices, editing and construction.  There is also one brother who actually served with a foot injury, but he wass still there walking around, well more like limping around, serving the singles.

The worship, workshops and talks were also big in inspiration.  The entire weekend focused on CFCFFL’s theme this year, which was taken from the book of Isaiah.  The Lord is now my strength.

It was so awesome to see YFL and SFL from all over the US say that now, more than ever, God is their strength.  That from now on they will rely on the strength of God and not on their own.  I am so blessed to have witnessed lives being changed and convictions being formed, especially when we launched the Live Pure movement.  All these happened in one weekend.  All because of a strong and mighty God!  Talk about a BIG God in Texas!