Bishop Mercado gains support from CFC FFL at the 31st CFC FFL Anniversary Celebration

“Basta plano ng Diyos, kayang kaya mo!” [as long as it is God’s plan, you can do it!]

That was the message of His Excellency Jesse Mercado, Bishop of Paranaque during his homily at the 31st anniversary of CFC FFL.  Bishop Mercado led the crowd into life-lessons from his many years as a priest and as a bishop, especially in his Diocese – which he admittedly said is going through a lot at this time.

He encouraged everyone to persevere, because if it is God’s plan for you to undergo the suffering and pain that you are currently going through, then you can overcome it.

The Mass was concelebrated by His Excellency Gabriel Reyes of Antipolo, Father Francis Gustilo, Father Christopher Gonzales, Father Rico Ayo, Father Vic Cajilig and Father Joselito Santos.

Bishop Reyes also gave his message at the end of the Mass, encouraging CFC FFL to keep on – because he knows our community, and he also knows that we can do so much more.