(by: Bing Agana-Santos, CFC FFL-Thailand)

This was the theme of our very 1st Clergy Thanksgiving night  that took place at the Blu-O Major Ekkamai in Bangkok on September 22. This event was inspired by the best practice presentation on Clergy Engagement from our brothers and sisters during the 2011 Country Servants conference, where we were encouraged to hold fellowship nights with the clergy outside of Church premises.

The BOC (Body of Counselors) Thailand invited about 15 priests from different parishes where we serve and 6 of them were able to attend and enjoy CFCFFL Thailand’s hospitality.  The evening was made even more special with the presence of our spiritual director, Fr. Francis Gustilo, SDB whom we were able to proudly introduce to our other brothers of the cloth.

Aside from relishing the sumptuous food, our brother priests were able to unwind and sing their favorite karaoke songs, drink beer, exchange jokes and show off their bowling skills.  It was a night of revelations as some of the priests played their very first bowling game and had beginner’s luck  while another one was able to relive his ‘competitive bowling” days and proved to still be the champion at it. To sum up the priests’ delightful sentiment about the evening, one of them requested:

“Can we do this every month?”  Truly, this was just the first of many more fun nights to come for our brother priests!