(By: Sweet Roque)

Everybody was in awe of God’s overflowing love and grace, those are usual reactions and realizations after the CFC-YFL Youthfest 2012. Entitled “All Stars: A life like no other” it clearly states that as we meet, live, and share Christ, we experience a life to the full that God intended for us.

Most members of CFC – Youth for Family and Life (CFC YFL) declared that a life with Christ is a life like no other because of the two victorious Youthfest held last November 11 and November 25, 2012. Over 2,600 members (with non-community members) of CFC-YFL from Metro Manila, North and Central Luzon areas gathered at Ynares Sports Center, Pasig. Not only that, over 1,700 members (with non-community members) of CFC-YFL from South Luzon areas gathered at Colegio San Agustin, Binan, Laguna. This event is anchored from the verse John 10:10 “I have come so that you may have life – a life to the full.”

The event started with an opening worship led by Richard Repolona for the first youthfest and Jopo Ciolo for the second youthfest. It was followed by the iSikat presentations. Program booths were also opened during that time.

After lunch, the two sessions were creatively given by Kevin Remandaban together with the cast. The four actors and actresses were Jammie Hollon, Melvin Olazo, Pipo Casimiro, and Vanessa Cabacungan. They played the roles of “Onliner”, “Walang paki boy”, “Shortcut guy” and “Know-it-all”. These are the characters that most youth nowadays can relate to.

The first session was entitled “Jesus shining”. They portrayed the youth in all the aspects of their lives such as in personal, family, school, and community life. At the end of the session it is about how these characters meet and live Christ, and it was shown through the song “What faith can do”. Dyad was also conducted to flesh out the members’ experience and realizations.

The second session was entitled “Shining through”. It emphasized on sharing Christ through evangelization because it is our great commission. There are three sharers that talked about their transformations: 1) No God mentality to God mentality; 2) Lies in media to Truth in media; and 3)Non-practicing Catholic to Cool Catholic. The sharers in the Metro Manila, North and Central Luzon Youthfest were Leo Feliciano (Manila), Trenzy Rombaoa (Cubao) and Kaye Matignas (South Luzon head). The sharers in the South Luzon Youthfest were Kim Viray (San Pablo), Laiza Mendoza (Lucena), and Allan Sy (San Pablo).

The session ended with the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament which made all the members kneel and bow down in reverence to the presence of Jesus Christ. It was then followed by Praisefest led by James Aguila and Michael Caiga. To cap off the said event, Holy Eucharist were presided by Bishop Mylo Vergara in the Metro Manila, North and Central Luzon Youthfest, and Fr. Warren Puno in the South Luzon Youthfest.

Truly the All Stars Youthfest 2012 was very victorious and it was a fulfilment of God’s promise. All the session points out to what kind of life God intended for us – a life to the full. This made all the youth who attended feel and witnessed how God loves us. Now that 2013 is coming, CFC YFL looks forward to the new theme of the community from choosing life to believing that faith works wonder.