Building for Others

(by Pat Oconer, Work with the Poor International Coordinator)

Those who love God, love to give.

Last Saturday, CFC FFL Work with the Poor (WWP), through the partnership with Lyceum of the Philippines represented by Peter Laurel, Lyceum President, and Nash and Jen Pantangco, owners of JPantangco Builders, turned over 7 homes to 7 families and a school for the kids of Restoration Village (RV) Sotero Laurel in Batangas City. It was an event where those who are very much blessed by God shared what they have, and became blessings to those who are in need. The event was full of joy and rekindled hope for those brethren who received new homes for their families.

We are called to live a life that is centered and focused on Him. We are called to share Him through our actions – living His words in the kind of life that we live.

The turn over of houses and school in RV Sotero Laurel is just one of the concrete ways to show to everyone that when we learn to appreciate what we have, we get to share it to other people especially those who are in need.

We all have something to give.