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Another “New Evangelization Resource Book”


Do you see the Christian life as uninteresting or even boring? Is it seemingly only about trying to be a goody-goody, and being consigned to the sidelines as the world, with all its excitement, passes by? If so, you have been deceived.

The true Christian life is the greatest adventure in the world. It proposes the highest ideals, the most exhilarating challenges, the ultimate self-fulfillment. Unfortunately, most Christians do not have a clue.

What is a Christian called to do? You are to reflect the very image and likeness of God; you are called to holiness. You are to engage in divine work by proclaiming the gospel of salvation in Jesus; you are to be a witness. You are to engage in the longest running and most destructive war that is raging throughout the world; you are called to mission.

Such is your call. Such should be your preoccupation. This is how you will fulfill your destiny. Who are you, Christian? You are to be a saint, a martyr, and a warrior.

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